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Real Estate

While the real estate sector continues to prosper – with rental incomes growing steadily, demand for commercial property outstripping supply, and global investment continuing in the European property market – it is not without its challenges. The impact of Brexit, tough regulatory requirements, cyber risks and extreme weather events all have to be contended with.

Owners wanting to get the best from their investments will be planning ahead to ensure they are fully prepared to tackle all of these issues – especially the ever stricter environmental and financial regulations. As well as ensuring you have the right cover in place, a careful risk management and reduction programme may well be the key to transforming a good investment into an excellent one.

Why QBE?

We provide cover to investors in commercial and residential property, pension and trust fund managers, and owners and managers of property portfolios, including banks, real estate investment trusts, financial institutions and government bodies. Among our customers, we count some of the biggest property owners in the UK and Europe.

Our specialist underwriters have long experience of catering to the full range of risks facing real estate owners today and understand how to satisfy the requirements of lenders, financiers and other investment partners.

We are known for our willingness to consider a wide range of risks – no matter how complex or unusual – and for our ability to come up with effective solutions. For example, our Real Estate cover can encompass solutions involving captives or non-performing loan books.

At QBE, we seek to form long-term relationships with our customers; a crucial part of that is about working in partnership with you to reduce the risks in your portfolio. Our in-house risk management team can help you to assess your risks – using our QRisk system – benchmark your practices against your competitors, and improve your processes and procedures. We also offer an excellent Claims service, which we can tailor to your precise requirements.

Our extensive global network means that we can underwrite real estate risks around the world. We can also write global programmes through our Multinational Client Centre, providing comprehensive protection, as well as meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

Property Matters

Property Matters

Property Matters looks at topical issues in commercial property insurance and considers the potential impact on our customers.

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Relevant products

We can help you to manage and transfer the risks you face, allowing your business to prosper and grow. We cover commercial and residential property owners for physical damage and loss of rental income, as well as the impact of legal liabilities resulting from injuries to employees or third parties.

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Environmental Impairment Liability cover insures against risks arising from past or current operations, or for which you retain a legal liability. Cover includes claims for clean-up, bodily injury and property damage arising from pollution or environmental damage.

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We can custom-make cover for a wide range of construction projects in the UK and abroad, for periods of up to 10 years. Our underwriters are empowered to make decisions locally and provide prompt, pragmatic solutions.

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QBE has in-depth experience of protecting professionals against bearing the cost of defending negligence claims, or paying damages awarded against them. In a world that is becoming increasingly litigious, this is important cover for all professionals that provide advice.

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We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to financial institutions, so we work hard to understand your specific requirements and create tailored cover to match.

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Our Trade Credit cover protects companies that sell goods or services from the effects of customer insolvency and payment defaults. We also offer Tenant Default cover to protect commercial landlords from non-payment of rental income.

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Our General Liability policy offers firms effective protection against claims for damage or injury brought by third parties. We are also able to offer excess of loss placements.

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Many consider cyber crime to be the single biggest threat to businesses today. QBE is one of the few insurers that can provide wide-ranging Cyber and data theft cover, along with forensic IT support services in the UK and worldwide.

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We can create compliant multinational programmes for a wide range of products – including General Liability, Property, Professional Indemnity and Directors’ and Officers’ Liability – in more than 150 countries.

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Your contact

Your contact

Martin Gosnell

Martin Gosnell

Underwriting Manager - Real Estate