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Sustainable Energies

The world needs to transition towards more sustainable energy solutions. As a global insurer and reinsurer, we recognise our industry has a critical role in supporting the transition to a lower-carbon economy.

What is less clear is how we make that transition in an equitable, orderly, safe and effective way.

At QBE, we understand the scale of the challenge. We understand the complexities involved in making the transition. But above all, we understand energy markets.

That understanding means our customers know, when they partner with us, that they are partnering with an expert in their field. In fact, such is our reputation that more than a third of the top 50 global energy companies trust QBE to manage their risks.

That kind of reputation doesn’t come about by chance. We’ve earned it as a leading energy insurer over the last 30 years, partnering with some of the largest and most innovative energy companies in the world.

And while much of that experience has been in the traditional oil and gas sector, QBE is an innovative insurer in the renewables sector.

So whether you are an existing provider making the transition to greener energy or a new entrant with new technology to power the energy transition, QBE has the experience, the expertise and the appetite to manage your risks.

The QBE approach to underwriting energy risks is a little different from most, but it works – as our track record shows.

For many insurers, getting you on cover is the be-all and end-all. But at QBE, underwriting your risk is just the start of what we hope will be a long and trusted relationship.

While we have decades of experience in energy markets, we know that you are the experts, the true innovators. Our role is to bring our underwriting expertise into play to help build your business’s resilience.

We have an excellent record for paying claims. As one of the world’s leading insurers, rated A+ by S&P, we have the financial strength and security to deliver on the promises we make.

The major multinationals and the smallest start-ups trust QBE because we know energy markets, inside and out. We get to know a customer’s business in depth and partner with them to determine the strategy that will best suit their needs.

And with our ground-breaking Premiums4Good initiative, we invest 100% of your premiums into investments with an additional environmental or social objective.

We are excited by the energy transition and proud to be able to support your role in it.

Let QBE’s Sustainable Energies team take care of the risks you’re running while you meet the world’s demand for greener energy.

We know risk, you know energy. Together, we can make the transition happen.

Your contact

Your contact

Sebastian Weaver

Sebastian Weaver

Specialty Practice Head

+44 20 7105 5154