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Risk Culture

The importance placed on risk culture has grown rapidly in recent years as it has become apparent that operational risk controls alone are inadequate to prevent the more complex claims we see in our increasingly globalised and connected world.

At QBE, we recognised the need to develop a practical, easy-to-use tool that policyholders could use to assess risk culture within their organisations.

That’s why we developed the Risk Culture Profiling Tool (RCPT) to provide a comprehensive framework for assessing risk culture and shaping discussions around it.

You will find links to the RCPT below, along with a range of reports, news articles, blog posts and presentations.

Airmic adopts the RCPT

We were delighted when Airmic adopted the RCPT as the basis for their guide: The importance of managing corporate culture. Launched in January 2017 by then FRC Chief Executive, Steven Haddrill urged organisations: Don't wait for a crisis to address company culture.

As a leading authority on risk and insurance, Airmic has enabled the tool to reach many more businesses that might benefit from an objective review of their risk culture.

You can find more information on Airmic’s corporate culture webpage* including promotion of QBE’s insight article on the importance of reward and recognition in promoting a positive risk culture.

* Some content is only available to Airmic Members

A collection of articles, guides and insights to help businesses build resilience through safeguarding trade, managing their people risk and leveraging technology

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Your contact

Your contact

Deborah O'Riordan

Deborah O'Riordan

Practice Leader - Risk Solutions

Accessing the Risk Culture Profiling Tool

The Risk Culture Tool is available free of charge to QBE Policyholders and members of Airmic.

QBE Policyholders should contact: to gain online access via QRisk.

Airmic Members should request access via this link on the Airmic website.

For more information on QBE Risk Solutions team please visit our Risk Solutions Webpage