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Build better business resilience with QRisk

When accidents or incidents happen, they rarely have a positive outcome and generally result in some degree of upset or injury to your people and disruption to your business. Most organisations recognise the risks they see in their work environment and put appropriate controls in place – but knowing how effective and robust these are, can be difficult.

Through our QRisk online risk management platform, QBE customers can access a wide range of guidance and self-assessment tools to help identify any gaps or improvements to your approach, systems or procedures and help reduce the chances or impact of an unexpected event.

From managing your ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) risk, preventing common accidents in your workplace, or even improving your company’s risk culture, QRisk can make it easier than ever to understand and manage the risks for your business.

It may seem daunting, but QRisk makes it easy for you to keep your business, employees, and customers in safe hands. Whether using the self-assessment toolkits, accessing guidance and support, updating your risk improvement status or accessing your risk quality score, QRisk’s online capability means you can do this at your own pace, taking what you need, at your discretion. You’re in full control.

Watch this short video clip to see how QRisk can benefit your business:

Business benefits of QRisk

  • A varied collection of self-assessments to help evaluate and protect against the range of risks which your business may face
  • Access to a wide range of publications about best practices and guidance on current industry hazards, claims, legal cases and emerging risks – via the QRisk Knowledge Centre
  • Access to a panel of hand-picked and trusted risk management partners

And, if we’ve carried out a site survey for your business:

  • Access to your survey data and reports
  • Risk trends, insights, and benchmarking


Our self-assessment products have been prepared by our risk management experts and include:

Topical risks to help assess your organisation’s: risk culture; approach to sustainability; environmental, social, and corporate governance; wellbeing; and mental health.

Insurance risks to help assess common risks associated with Property insurance, Employer’s Liability, Motor Fleet and Professional Indemnity, for risks like flood, fire, slips and trips, manual handling, driver standards, fraud prevention, emergency response and quality assurance.

Industry risks to identify and assess the most common challenges faced by businesses within your industry or trade sector.

In summary, QRisk:

  • is free to use
  • is online and at your own pace
  • helps you assess and understand the risks facing your business
  • gives you instant actionable guidance and support to improve your risk management
  • enables you to benchmark elements of your business against industry peers
  • helps you monitor your progress through automated tracking and reporting

To get started, have your QBE insurance policy number to hand and head to


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Your contact

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