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Everything we do at QBE is underpinned by our DNA. We know it's not just what we do that matters; how we do it makes the difference.

Our QBE DNA interlinks seven cultural elements that are fundamental to who we are and how we need to operate in the future to succeed.

At QBE, when we show up for our people, customers, communities or shareholders across the globe:

  • We are customer-centred – we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes
  • We are technical experts – we are expert at what we do
  • We are diverse – we value different points of view and experiences
  • We are fast-paced – we have a sense of urgency
  • We are courageous – we speak openly and have the support to do so
  • We are accountable – we deliver on our promises
  • We are a team – we are at our best when we are working together and building on our strengths

Diversity and inclusion

QBE recognises the value of a diverse workforce; we believe diversity and inclusion is essential for a strong, successful company. We encourage a working environment that is welcoming, fair and inclusive for all and respects different career and life stages.

We have a number of employee run networks as well as social clubs that you can join including:

A dedicated group working to breakdown gender bias and stereotypes by providing opportunities to meet, share and learn from one another.

A committed network for LGBTI employees and their allies, providing an open and supportive space for members to share information and materials about LGBTI inclusion

A network of passionate and enthusiastic QBE employees who aim to support, celebrate and raise awareness of people who are directly or indirectly impacted by disability.


QBE has always played an active role in the communities in which we operate. Our people can take part in a range of fundraising activities and initiatives to help people and communities thrive and achieve their goals. Our employee-led community initiatives range from supporting local charities to investing insurance premiums in projects that benefit communities or the environment. Find out more about QBE in the community.