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Medical Malpractice

Increasingly complicated medical procedures, more frequent litigation and the ever changing delivery of healthcare mean you need support from insurers who understand your sector inside out. 

Our Medical Malpractice policy covers medical professionals and healthcare providers for claims arising from a failure to provide medical treatment or allegations of negligence when providing medical treatment to patients.

Long-term commitment

QBE has focused on Medical Malpractice for more than 25 years, offering clients genuine stability. This long-term commitment is crucial because claims can take up to 21 years to emerge, and then even longer to negotiate and settle. If you are accused of negligence in years to come, you need an insurer who is still in business and can help you to manage any claims.

Open for business

We have a broad appetite and there are very few risks we cannot consider including regional health authorities, private hospitals, specialist clinic, medical practitioners, primary care providers, allied health affinity groups and allied healthcare companies. 

We accommodate our customers’ needs wherever possible and take a flexible, innovative approach to programme structures. We can utilise our expertise in this area to work with your broker to suggest alternative retention levels to improve the total cost of risk.

Broad client base worldwide

Using our Lloyd’s licence, and our global office network we are able to help a wide range of clients from around the world and we currently write business in over 25 countries. We are able to provide Multinational programs incorporating local policies where required by local legislation.

Combined cover

For customers in the UK, our Healthcare Advantage Liability product gives us the ability to package Medical Malpractice cover with other essential covers, such as General Liability, Abuse Liability, Medical Product Liability, Employers’ Liability and Professional Indemnity.

Our Healthcare Practice Group can provide the other covers you need to protect your business including:
Motor Fleet
Transactional Liability
Directors' and Officers

Managing your risks

Healthcare clients can benefit from QBE’s wide-ranging risk management services. We work closely with our customers to minimise the likelihood of having a loss, including regularly sharing knowledge and helping you to identify risks and take practical steps to manage them.

Proactive claims support

Our local Claims teams in the UK and Canada take a proactive approach to managing claims. For example, if you’re involved in an incident that might give rise to a claim, we manage it actively so that you receive the best advice as soon as possible. If someone brings a fraudulent claim against you, we will robustly defend your position.