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Contractors' All Risks

Our extensive knowledge of the construction industry, combined with flexible underwriting, allows us to put together cover designed specifically for you.

We offer a range of covers to UK and international contractors, including Construction All Risks and Erection All Risks.

Specialist support

In a fast-paced market, where needs are often complex, clients value our team’s specialist knowledge and extensive experience. Our underwriters are empowered to make decisions locally and provide clients with prompt, pragmatic solutions.

Custom-made cover

We can cover a wide range of projects, no matter how big or complicated. For example, extensive policy periods of up to 10 years (including maintenance) are available.

We can also offer cover on a standalone basis or with other relevant covers such as General Liability, Environmental Impairment Liability, Professional Indemnity, and Surety Bonds

Prompt claims settlements

We’re keenly aware of the detrimental effect that slow claims settlements can have on large construction projects, so we always make every effort to settle as quickly and fairly as possible, wherever claims are presented in the world.

Choose how you work with us

QBE has a network that allows us to meet the complex needs of construction clients around the world. We can also underwrite on both Lloyd’s and company paper, giving clients real choice in terms of how they want to do business with us.

Risk management expertise

With our unique, web-based tool QRisk – which allows you to assess and benchmark your risk management practices – and the expertise of our risk management team, we can help you to manage and reduce your risks, which in turn can lower the cost of your premiums.



Your contact

Your contact

Andy Kane

Andy Kane

Portfolio Manager Construction

+44 20 7105 5870

Neil Fleming

Neil Fleming

UK Underwriting Manager, Construction & Engineering

+44 20 7105 4331