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QBE conducted a unique research project in April this year among 502 UK-based senior decision makers regarding mental health in the workplace.

The results highlight the need for a major revolution in the way companies tackle the issue:

  1. 19% would be discouraged from hiring someone with a declared mental health issue; increasing to 25% amongst decision makers in larger (1000+) companies
  2. Over one in four think staff should not talk about mental health at work
  3. Over a quarter don’t know how to deal with mental health issues amongst employees
  4. Two fifths have received no workplace mental health training
  5. A quarter do not feel supported at work to manage their own mental wellbeing
  6. One in three admit that their business needs to do more to manage workplace stress

The latest report in QBE's Employee Wellbeing series gives employers a thorough insight into mental health, highlighting the risks associated with refusing to acknowledge mental health in the workplace and includes suggestions on how to prevent, identify and act on the signs of an employee struggling to cope.

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