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COVID-19 remote working: first utility but now security with Neil Hare-Brown, STORM Guidance

QBE are hosting a Cyber virtual event on Thursday 30th April at 11am where QBE's Cyber Portfolio Manager Erica Constance will team up with cyber expert Neil Hare-Brown, CEO at STORM Guidance to discuss how Covid-19 has made many organisations, employees and company systems vulnerable.

Neil is the CEO and Founder of STORM Guidance, specialising in helping organisations understand their information risks, devise plans for managing cyber incidents and assist in coordinating the response to incidents when they occur.

During the event Neil and Erica will be discussing the following challenges:

  1. The Utility: A Desperate Need for Remote Working
  2. The Sacrifice: Insecure Remote Working
  3. The Risk: Exposure to Cyber Criminals
  4. The Need: Secure Remote Working

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Your contact

Emily Denning

Emily Denning

Events Manager

+44 20 7105 5921

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