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Archana Tikoo

Read Archana's story to learn what it's like to work as a Principal Technologist at QBE

Tell us about your role at QBE

I am a Principal Technologist at QBE. I work with teams to ensure we're delivering the required value to our customer base effectively and efficiently. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve how we do this, be they procedural, technical or capability related. I also liaise with our business teams regularly whilst guiding and coaching technical members of my team. Having a great team is really crucial to how well we support our customers, so I'm always there for them to help them do their job as well as they can.

What is your career background?

Technology and computers have intrigued me for a long time - so much so, I did my Masters in Computer Science! From there, I started my career as a software developer for a couple of years before moving into leading an IT Service Team. I worked in application delivery in a number of organisations before moving to QBE 5 years ago as an Application Manager. Since then my role has grown into my current position as the needs of the organisation have changed, and my area has become more critical.

What is it like working in tech at QBE?

Working at QBE in tech has been one of the best parts of my career. I can directly influence how we work in technology services and clearly envision how our work aligns to the global strategy. My understanding of the landscape enables me to influence the technical strategy, which is really exciting, especially when I see it becoming a reality. Yes, there are challenges and negotiations that I have to manage, but I also get to innovate and experiment. All of this gives me exposure and empowerment as I know I making a difference to the organisation.

I am also one of the core members of the Women in Tech Group in QBE EO, which is a group who meets regularly with the aim to connect, share, inspire and support women working within QBE's EO Change & Technology Service teams. We are a positive group of individuals who are passionate about making the best of our opportunities within QBE and the wider world.

What's been the most rewarding project you have been a part of?

It would have to be the underwriting workbench program where QBE introduced and implemented Pega as a system for underwriters to help them manage data quality and workflow in one system. This operating model has now been adopted by various technical teams in QBE.

What excites you most about your role?

I am empowered to make strategic recommendations; I know that what I do has an impact on QBE's ongoing development, and my actions do improve service delivery.