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Oil and Gas Insurance

Operating oil and gas facilities exposes you to a wide range of potential risks. We have the experience and capacity to help – wherever in the world you have operations.

We provide a comprehensive suite of insurance products to protect your business from risks throughout its life cycle, including physical loss/damage, control of well, loss of production/business interruption and associated liabilities. We are equipped to provide cover for the entire upstream and downstream hydrocarbon value chain.

In-depth expertise

With 30 years’ experience, our team has a well established position in this specialist market. We are used to covering very large and complex exposures, as well as those in challenging territories. We lead more than half of the risks in which we participate and have the underwriting and claims capability to service even the most complicated of risks worldwide.

Market-leading capacity

We offer an exceptionally large maximum capacity of US$500m for Upstream Oil and Gas; US$225m for Downstream Oil and Gas; and US$150m for Oil and Gas Liability.

Responsive to your needs

We work hard to learn all we can about your business. Understanding your operations and your goals means we can respond quickly to anticipate your needs and keep you fully covered at all times. And because we understand the dynamic world in which you operate, we ensure that our expert underwriters are accessible and – crucially – empowered to make the rapid decisions you need.

Ready to pay claims

We understand that the most important element of what we offer is the swift and fair settlement of claims, with genuine transparency and open dialogue throughout. Our dedicated and expert Claims team will move fast to resolve your claim – and to get you the funds you need to control, make good, and recover from any loss you suffer. We have successfully led the settlement of a number of the world’s largest and most complex oil and gas claims, and we pride ourselves on having settled one of the industry’s most significant claims within seven days of the event occurring.

Cover around the globe

With specialist oil and gas underwriting teams in London, Singapore, Houston and New Orleans, and a network of offices to support and service your business worldwide, we provide a global service and are able to underwrite business in whichever territory you choose.

The complete package

We can provide Upstream Oil and Gas, Downstream Oil and Gas, and Oil and Gas Liability covers on a standalone basis or as part of a package, with additional covers such as Directors’ and Officers’ Liability, Employers’ Liability, Trade Credit, Terrorism, Accident and Health and Workers’ Compensation, to name but a few.

What we offer

We protect many of the world’s leading production and exploration companies, drilling contractors, and service companies. Whether you are a major international oil company, a national oil company, a drilling/service contractor or a growing independent, we have the team and products to meet your needs.

We can cover risks including physical loss/damage, loss of production/business interruption, control of well, construction all risks and delay in start up. As one of the participants in the Chrysalis Excess OIL product, we also provide excess cover for participants in the OIL mutual.

We protect owners and operators of refineries, petrochemical plants, gas processing and LNG operations, pipelines and storage/terminal operations, and other downstream assets, against the financial impact of physical damage/loss – and against loss of revenue following an insured event.

We cover many of the world’s leading oil and gas companies against the full range of legal and contractual liabilities to which their operations can leave them exposed, including sudden and accidental pollution.

Your contact

Your contact

Peter Burton

Peter Burton

Executive Director, International Markets

Tel: +44 (20) 71055149