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Legal Expenses

Whether you’re already taking legal action or want to protect your organisation for the future, our legally qualified underwriters can help.  

We offer two types of Legal Expenses insurance: After the Event (ATE) and Before the Event (BTE). ATE cover protects customers who are already pursuing litigation against the risk of losing and the costs involved. BTE cover protects customers who might have to take legal action in the future against legal costs, as well as providing benefits such as access to legal helplines.

Legal expertise on hand

When you have a legal issue, you want to deal with people who understand the challenges involved and how the legal system works. That’s why our lead underwriter is a solicitor and the team is empowered to assess your risks and resolve queries swiftly, without the need to consult law firms or agencies. As a result, the speed and quality of our response is hard to match. Our legal expertise also allows us to provide a range of flexible premium and coverage options.

Every type of case and litigant

We work with every type of litigant, from individuals to SMEs and major multinationals. Our cover is suitable for a wide variety of civil and commercial cases, including contractual disputes, professional negligence claims, proceedings brought by insolvency practitioners, international arbitrations, and intellectual property disputes.

We will consider offering cover in a wide range of circumstances – for example, where a litigation funder is involved, through delegated authority schemes, or for claims brought in foreign jurisdictions.

Specialist claims support

As we are insuring legal actions, our customers need comfort that – should they lose a case – their costs will be covered. We provide specialist claims support from adjusters who work closely with our underwriting team and have a detailed understanding of the product and the pressure that customers are under.

Case studies

We insured a widow who was pursuing an Employers' Liability claim regarding a fatal accident. She had insurance but needed additional cover to satisfy concerns around costs being covered. Because of our strong rating and financial strength, we were able to provide additional capacity late in the proceedings, enabling her to continue with the claim through to a successful conclusion.

QBE insured a liquidator that was bringing an action in the name of an insolvent company against one of its former competitors. The action stemmed from an Office of Fair Trading decision that the former competitor had abused its dominant position in the market, sending the other company out of business. The liquidator eventually lost the case, and the ATE policy covered the resulting costs liability.

We covered a small company bringing a claim against a financial institution for breach of contract and fiduciary duty. The claim lost at trial, whereupon we discovered a gap in the insured’s cover. We broadened the cover to provide complete adverse costs protection so that the company could appeal – and ultimately win.


Your contact

Your contact

Mark Pankhania

Mark Pankhania

Underwriter - Legal Expenses

Tel: +44 (207) 1055860

Matthew Pinn

Matthew Pinn

Lead Underwriter, Legal Expenses

Tel: +44 20 7105 4616