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QBE at Airmic Fest 2020

This year Airmic are holding a three day virtual event on Tuesday 22nd September to Thursday 24th September.

Join QBE at the event and register for our On Demand Session and QBE sponsored Yoga. 

To register for the virtual event please sign up here. 

We look forward to meeting you. 

On Demand Session - The Road to Recovery: The Power of Early Mental & Physical Health Rehabilitation Intervention. 23rd September - 11.30am - 12.15pm

On Demand Session - The Road to Recovery: The Power of Early Mental & Physical Health Rehabilitation Intervention. 23rd September - 11.30am - 12.15pm

QBE Rehabilitation experts will take delegates through an evidence-based presentation on the benefit of early intervention on return-to-work outcomes. This workshop will also cover how Covid-19 and increased remote working have affected the nature of employee injuries and illnesses and how early intervention is still possible in a virtual environment. Our speakers: Pinar Karabulut, Rehabilitation Consultant and Ian Chiswell, Rehabilitation Consultant

Register here
QBE Sponsored Yoga

QBE Sponsored Yoga

As part of the festival, we will also be hosting daily yoga sessions to kick start each day! These sessions will be suitable for all levels and will run daily at 07:15 - 08:00 each day. You can register for these sessions when signing up to the event.

Register here.

QBE Attendees at Airmic Fest:

If you are interested in arranging a virtual meeting with one of our representatives, please email them directly or contacts the Events Team.

Adrian  Browne

Adrian Browne

Portfolio Manager, UK Casualty

Tel: +44 (20) 71055425
Alex  Tong

Alex Tong

General Manager - UK

Tel: +44 1217 101767
Andy  Fitzgerald

Andy Fitzgerald

Director - UK Regions

Tel: +44 (141) 2271537
Andrew  Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence

Client Executive

Tel: +44 (20) 71055884
Anna  Bennett

Anna Bennett

Director of Underwriting - UK Casualty

Tel: +44 (20) 71054336
Anna  Connolly

Anna Connolly

Portfolio Manager - Major Risks - LM Property

Tel: +44 (20) 71055775
Chris  Horner

Chris Horner

Strategic Distribution Manager

Tel: +44 (113) 2906309
David  Dexter

David Dexter

Risk Solutions Practice Leader - Casualty & Construction

Tel: +44 (20) 71054514
Dawn  Pudner

Dawn Pudner

Underwriter - Commercial Lines

Tel: +44 (20) 71054502
James  Purkis

James Purkis

Regional Distribution Manager

Tel: +44 (20) 71055664
Laura  Harrison

Laura Harrison

Multinational Client Manager

Tel: +44 (1245) 343292
Linden  Farley

Linden Farley

Claims Relationship Manager

Tel: +44 (121) 7101736
Mike  Haley

Mike Haley

Head of Claims Relationship Management and Multinational Claims

Tel: +44 (20) 71054716
Paul  Austin

Paul Austin

Claims Relationship Manager

Tel: +44 (20) 71054096
Paul  Johnson

Paul Johnson

Senior Underwriter

Tel: +44 (20) 71055140
Sean  Bell

Sean Bell

Head of Risk Solutions

Tel: +44 (20) 71054105
Sonia  Carballo

Sonia Carballo

Client Executive

Tel: +44 (20) 71055809
Steve  Adcock

Steve Adcock

Underwriting Manager - Commercial Lines

Tel: +44 (20) 71054189
Teddy  Samengo-Turner

Teddy Samengo-Turner

Assistant Underwriter
Tony  Hills

Tony Hills

Client Executive

Tel: +44 (20) 71055834
Trudi  Easter

Trudi Easter

Multinational Client Centre Hub Manager

Tel: +44 (1245) 272625
William  Jackson

William Jackson

Underwriting Manager - Commercial Lines

Tel: +44 (20) 71055821

Your contact

Your contact

Emily Denning

Emily Denning

Events Manager

Tel: +44 (20) 71055921