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Top tips to stay cyber secure over Black Friday weekend

By James Tuplin
Portfolio Manager

The British public is expected to spend almost £3.5 billion over Black Friday weekend, much of which using credit and debit cards online. Shoppers, distracted by heady bargains, may well take their eye off the ball when it comes to security. To help you stay cyber secure, our experts have pulled together some handy tips to remember...

1. A bank will NEVER call/text you to ask for your banking details.  Under no circumstances should you provide your details to anyone who calls you.

2. If you receive an email/text purporting to be from your bank, do not click on any links or call any number provided, however legitimate the email/text looks.  Fraudsters are currently targeting people by text to get them to reveal their banking details.

3. Your bank may legitimately try to contact you, the best way to ensure that it is indeed your bank contacting you and not a fraudster is to contact your bank directly using the contact details you would normally use and to ask the bank to confirm that they have tried to reach you. 

4. Sophisticated fraudsters are investing in creating websites that are identical to legitimate online retailing sites.  These sites allow you to pay for goods online as you would expect to but instead of getting a delivery three days later, you find that your bank account has been cleared out.  Be vigilant when typing in web addresses, spoof sites may just have one letter different from the legitimate site (usually a common typo), for example as opposed to 

Stay safe and happy shopping!