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The Twelve Days of Mental Wellbeing

By Ian Chiswell
Rehabilitation Consultant

A New Year brings hope and excitement about what the year ahead has in store. Many of us see it as a way to draw a line under the events of the previous year, start fresh and set new goals. This positive attitude must be nurtured and encouraged for your 2019 aspirations to be achieved.

Mindful Approach to 2019

New Year Resolutions have become a bit of a joke - something that we set fully believing that we’ll fail. Yet successful people, in life and work, are those that maintain this ‘can-do’ attitude and understand the importance of focusing on a healthy mind.

Your New Year resolutions do not have to be too ambitious, sometimes small things will lead to bigger achievements. This year refocus your New Year resolutions on your psychological wellbeing with our twelve days of mental wellbeing:

Day One – Develop relationships

Christmas is the perfect time to spend time with family and close friends. Spend quality time connecting, talking and listening to each other.

Day Two – Provide support for others

Particularly in the workplace, it is important for people to know that it is ok, not to be ok. Everyone has ‘off’ days. Creating a culture where asking for help is encouraged makes a healthier and productive environment.

Day Three – Be active

There is a link between physical activity and mental wellness – a healthy life supports a healthy mind. Pick an activity that you really enjoy, or encourage friends, family or colleagues to do something together.

Day Four – Ask twice

Don’t accept the automatic “Yes, good thanks” in response to your “How are you?”. Ask twice and you often get a different, more honest answer. Encourage others to open up and be open yourself to how you are feeling or concerns you have.

Day Five – Keep learning

Always wanted to go on a leadership course? Learn how to present? Or even take up a creative pursuit? Create opportunities to learn new skills and take on new challenges to build confidence and achievement.

Day Six – Declutter

Whether at home or work, clutter brings confusion and anxiety. Clutter is not always physical items but can be ideas, bad habits or relationships. Over the ‘quiet’ period try to declutter and clear your mind to improve your concentration. Take time each day to organise and prioritise to maintain the ‘clutter free-zone’ and focus.

Day Seven – Give to others

Volunteering or supporting others gives us a sense of satisfaction that we have done a good deed. Putting others first and seeing the positive impact our actions has on other people, can give perspective on our own lives and install a sense of wellbeing.

Day Eight – Listen

Listening to others helps to create a better understanding of the world around us and our place in that world. Aim to spend time listening to colleagues, friends or family without interruption and have a better understanding of them to build strong connections.

Day Nine – Have fun

There is nothing like fun and laughter to give us a sense of wellbeing. By managing your mental wellbeing better, you will naturally enjoy life more. But plan an activity every month that you enjoy – this will fuel these emotions.

Day Ten – Be mindful

Take more time to think about your thoughts and feelings in any given moment. Think through situations and the world around you and be more aware of how you can approach challenges positively.

Day Eleven – Reflect

Take time to process the day at the end of each day. It is important to understand how you reacted to different situations. Was it the right way? How could you have done something different?

Day Twelve – Wellbeing journal

Record things that you are grateful for or things that you done well every day. By recording positive moments if gives you time to reflect and read through will give you an emotional lift when needed.

Our ‘twelve steps for mental wellbeing’ is just the starting point to get you used to how to think more positively and develop a culture of healthy minds amongst your friends, family or colleagues. Successful leaders do just this and it underpins their achievements in life, so set realistic goals for 2019 and believe that you can do it!

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