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QBE Return - Business focus on early intervention

By Rosie Hewitt
Rehabilitation and Delegated Claims Manager

How early is ‘early’ – what do we mean by early intervention? If we take the example of a soft tissue injury – the acute stage is in the first 2 – 4 days post- injury where inflammation, bruising and swelling is at its worst. The sub-acute phase which follows can extend to 3 months. Symptoms which persist beyond the 3 months are indicative of a chronic condition where further treatment, diagnostics and consultations may be required. 


Chronic conditions  mean more time off work, increased rehabilitation costs and in our experience, an increase in the likelihood of a work place accident claim. Early intervention is therefore crucial, ideally within the first few weeks post incident.

Being unable to work as a result of an injury can cause a great deal of worry, financial hardship and isolation. This feeling of isolation and hopelessness  can trigger depression and the longer it goes on, the harder it can become to treat.

Six months out of work and the chances of an employee returning to work is only 50%.

So what can be done?

This is where QBE Return steps in.  Our service offers a simple and proactive way for an employee injured at work,  to be referred to an independent rehabilitation supplier to triage (assess) who will, support and guide them back into the workplace.

Doesn’t the NHS do that?

To a point...but the waiting lists for an MRI scan for example, to reach an accurate diagnosis early can be long – at times over one year. And that is where QBE Return can step in ,the service can fast track appropriate diagnostic testing and treatment, including physiotherapy, counselling and minor surgery via private funding .

How do I refer to QBE Return

Simply log on to: and complete the referral form.

You will need to ensure that your injured employee is aware you are referring them to the service and QBE’s independent rehabilitation supplier.

What are the costs?

QBE Return is free in the first 0 – 30 days post incident.

If your employee requires treatment, we will refer the case to our claims team who will conduct a review of the potential claim and liability position. If we know an employee is likely to be off work for over 30 days and your business is at risk, we will review funding for rehabilitation. These costs are then placed on your claims experience.

What are the benefits?

  •       Reduced absence costs
  •       Claims advice provided in advance of a claim being made
  •       Reduced claims costs through early intervention
  •       Zero impact your claims experience until absence is likely to exceed 30 days and/or where liability may attach
  •       Enhanced claims profiling