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QBE Pride

Our employees take part in events such as Pride Month each year to help raise awareness of LGBT issues, as well as holding regular QBE Pride events.

Under our latest initiative, we were delighted to become members of the Stonewall Global Diversity Champions Programme in 2016.

The programme is a forum for international organisations that are committed to LGBT equality across the world. With the legislative landscape frequently changing for LGBT people, the programme keeps members informed about changing laws, the likely impacts on their staff and best practices that they should employ.

QBE’s membership of this programme demonstrates our commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace for everyone at QBE. Through our partnership with Stonewall, we will receive tailored guidance to support us on our path towards workplace equality.

Stonewall currently works with more than 750 of the world’s leading organisations to create fully inclusive workplace environments by integrating diversity and inclusion into all parts of the business.

What happens during Pride?

Your contact

Your contact

David Jackson

David Jackson

General Manager - UK branch in Continental Europe

Tel: +44 20 7105 4185