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QBE Pride

"QBE Pride exists to promote and support an open and inclusive workplace culture, where diversity is acknowledged, respected and celebrated."

Our vision

At QBE, we believe in creating an open and inclusive workplace for our employees that identify as part of the LGBT+ community.

QBE Pride draws on the unique backgrounds, experiences and networks of LGBT+ employees and allies to build an inclusive workplace and to give everyone the confidence to bring their whole selves to work.

Our aim is for:

  • QBE to be recognised as a business that embraces diversity and inclusion;
  • All our colleagues to be informed and confident operating within an open inclusive workplace.
  • ​QBE to be an employer of choice for a broad range of talent

QBE maintains an active Allyship program to allow our staff to show their support for the LGBT+ community.

QBE Pride has a formal sponsor and is supported by QBE executive management.

Our achievements

  • We have been members of the Stonewall Global Diversity Champions Programme since 2016, which demonstrates our commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace for everyone at QBE. Through our partnership with Stonewall, we have received tailored guidance to support us on our path towards workplace equality and are part of the Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index.
  • QBE annually hosts QBE Pride events for our employees, which have ranged from guest speakers from the LGBT+ community to panel discussions.
  • QBE Pride has worked and supported charities aimed to support the LGBT+ community.
  • QBE Pride has worked with our HR departments to ensure our policies support our LGBT+ staff. We have adopted market leading gender affirmation and transition guidelines to support our trans and non-binary staff.
  • QBE Pride has also worked to ensure HR parental leave policies support all parents, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

What happens during Pride?

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