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QBE Premiums4Good

We think that buying insurance shouldn’t just be about business. We want it to benefit communities at the same time, so we offer you the chance to make a difference with your premium.

When you pay us your premium, we invest that money until we need it to pay claims. If you join QBE Premiums4Good, we will invest 25 per cent of your premium in projects that help the environment or deliver direct, sustainable benefits to communities, such as those aimed at reducing homelessness.

We will also update you each year about the projects that your premiums have supported.

This initiative is unique; we’re the first insurer that allows you to choose for your premiums to be invested in projects that benefit communities and the environment.

If you’d like to join QBE Premiums4Good, please email

QBE Premiums4Good explained

QBE Premiums4Good explained

Under our QBE Premiums4Good initiative, we will invest your premium in projects that directly benefit communities or the environment, rather than in general ethical or environmental funds.

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Find out which projects your premiums are helping

Find out which projects your premiums are helping

Once a year, we will send you a report about the projects that your QBE Premiums4Good are supporting. This information can be used in your own corporate social responsibility performance reporting.

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US$11.5m Premiums allocated to QBE Premiums4Good in Europe in 2016

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